Rubber moulded bellows, suckers and tyres

rubber-moulded bellows

Rubber Moulded Bellows

Rubber Moulded Bellows, suckers and tyres –
We can offer bellows manufactured:-
Fully Moulded – Vulcanised Joined – Stitched Rubberised Fabric.

As all bellows are manufactured to meet individual applications if you advise your working conditions and sizes we will advise most suitable solution.

Rubber Moulded Suckers
Our suckers are used to lift a diverse range of products, individually tailored to the application, including Eggs, Bakery Products, Paper, Cardboard, Glass and Steel.

Suckers manufactured with or without Metal Inserts. Materials selected to suit the application.

rubber-moulded-tyresRubber Moulded Tyres & Rubber Moulded Wheel Coverings
Produced bonded to metal parts or plain rubber. Supplied with tread patterns, pimples or plain finish. Soft touch or Solid Rubber. Materials available to give high or low friction levels. Rubber selection to suit the application. Used to transport a diverse range of products, including – currency, wood, glass, photographic film.

Please visit our section on Injection Moulding as Thermoplastic rubbers could provide a cost effective solution.

Full range available, specially compounded and coloured if required to meet the specific application.