Automotive rubber mouldings

rubber mouldings for transportRubber moulded engine sealTechmould has a huge amount of experience in automotive rubber mouldings. We produce custom rubber moulded components for the automotive industry as well as prototyping for transportation projects and smaller volumes for classic car groups and enthusiasts.

Automotive rubber mouldingsAutomotive rubber mouldings  prototyping

If you want prototypes for car or van parts, toolmaking for any automotive parts or components, Techmould can advise you on the best rubber moulding materials and processes to prototype and manufacture your product.

Our custom rubber mouldings products for the automotive industry. Relevant products include rubber moulded sealsrubber moulded valve seatscast polyurethane mouldings, rubber insulatorsFFKM perfluoroelastomerPTFE mouldingsRubber Moulded diaphragmsrubber moulded masking bootsrubber to metal bonded componentsrubber moulded suckers and rubber moulded bellows.

Automotive rubber mouldingsPowder and Plasma Coating automotive rubber mouldings

Techmould supply the automotive and aero-engine sectors. We have particular expertise where high temperatures are involved. Give Techmould a call if you have a masking problem to solve. Please visit our section on Injection Moulding as Thermoplastic rubbers could provide a cost-effective solution.

We have recently produced a custom rubber moulding for the Reliant Scimitar Owner’s Club. They needed a rubber moulded component for their cars made to their own specifications with the materials best suited to the job. Our problem-solving skills and low-volume capability proved to be exactly what they needed.

CASE STUDY: Reliant Scimitar wing mirror plinth.

Reliant Scimitar wing mirror plinth

Reliant Scimitar wing mirror plinth

Reliant Scimitar wing mirror plinth


We were approached by Graham Walker Ltd. to produce a Reliant Scimitar wing mirror plinth. We produced prototypes first of all from nitrile rubber. Ultimately, we produced a small run of 100 of the finished product using the compression moulding process.

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