cast polyurethane mouldings

Cast polyurethane mouldings key features:

  • transparent or pigmented
  • excellent impact, abrasion, cut, and tear resistance
  • superb resilience with exceptional elastomeric memory
  • excellent load bearing capabilities & low compression set
  • hardness; 40A-70D
  • operating temperature; -30c/+120c
  • exceptional oil and solvent resistance
  • excellent ozone, oxidation and radiation resistance
  • good insulating properties inc.: sound, anti-vibration & non-conductive
  • design flexibility.

Cast polyurethane mouldings materials

cast urethane rubber-mouldingsCast polyurethane mouldings or cast urethane mouldingsare elastomeric material that bridges the gap between highly extensible rubber elastomers and low-elongation rigid plastics.

Ulthough light in weight, urethane cast materials exhibit a functional toughness which can withstand industrial abuse that would break down most rubbers, plastics and even metals.