Rubber Masking Boots

We are rubber masking boots manufacturers and rubber masking boot prototyping specialists.

rubber masking boots

We manufacture rubber masking boots which are specially tailored to be a perfect fit on the component whilst ensuring quick fitting and removal with maximum reusability being maintained. The main advantage being huge efficiency gains over applying and removing masking tape.

Our masking boots are used extensively in the Electronics Industry to mask electrical circuits or components during spraying or dipping for conformal coating using standard, anti-static or conductive materials. Materials available include silicone, antistatic silicone, EPDM and antistatic EPDM.


Powder and Plasma Coating Industries
Serving the automotive and aero engine sectors, particularly where high temperatures are involved. Give us a call if you have a masking problem to solve. Please visit our section on Injection Moulding as Thermoplastic rubbers could provide a cost effective solution.


Masking Boots Materials

Full range available, specially compounded and coloured if required to meet the specific application. FDA COMPLIANT AND WRC APPROVED GRADES AVAILABLE