Rubber Moulded Keypads

Rubber Moulded Keypads manufacture and prototyping


Moulded Keypads

Techmould are rubber moulded keypads manufacturers and prototypers, as well as injection moulded keypad suppliers.

Keypads are manufactured to suit individual customer requirements. They can be single button or multi button design in translucent or coloured materials with solid multicoloured button tops where plastic key tops are not being used. They can be fitted with conductive carbon pills for printed circuits or produced without pills where the keypad is to be laid over a plastic membrane touch switch. The rubber key tops can be printed with durable silicone ink if required.

Rubber Keypads materialsRubber Keypads materials

Full range available, specially compounded and coloured if required to meet the specific application. FDA COMPLIANT AND WRC APPROVED GRADES AVAILABLE