Conformal Coating Masking Boots

We manufacture Conformal Coating Boots sets for specific circuit boards

conformal coating

Conformal coating masking boots

Our conformal coating masking boots are designed to be a perfect fit on the component and can be used over and over again.

The cost-saving over masking tapes are huge taking a fraction of the time to apply and remove with the added bonus of accuracy and repeatability of masking.

Materials used include silicone and antistatic/conductive silicone, in areas where silicone is forbidden we have custom compounded an EPDM and antistatic/conductive EPDM, other polymer types can be used as necessary, mould tooling produced is not compound specific.

In order to provide quotes and manufacture tooling we would normally ask you to provide a circuit board masked up with tape, this way we can ensure we provide you with sets that are right the first time and can make allowances in design for boots that may be fouled by other components, we can of course also work to drawings or copy samples.

Conformal coating masking boots are produced via the process of applying a protective chemical coating that conforms to the circuit board topology. 

When the conformal coating is applied to electronic circuitry, it protects against moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes. If uncoated there may be damage to the components or failure to function. If your electrical components need to withstand harsh environments, conformal coating may be necessary. Most circuit boards are coated with a layer of transparent conformal coating rather than potting.

conformal coating MASKING BOOTS

Conformal coating masking boots are designed to be a perfect fit on the component. They mask electrical circuits or components during spraying or dipping for coating. Our masking boots use standard, anti-static or conductive materials. They’re quick and easy to fit and remove and can be reused again and again.

Used extensively in the Electronics Industry, these masking boots save time and money. Where components might previously have been covered by hand with tape, bespoke masking boots can be applied in a fraction of the time. As easily removed, they are then available to save time and money again and again.

Conformal coating has most of the same benefits of potting. However, it is lighter and easier to inspect as well as being easier to test and repair. See also, electrical rubber insulators.