Rubber moulded diaphragms

Rubber Moulded diaphragms by Techmould

rubber moulded diaphragms

Rubber moulded diaphragms can be manufactured to suit a wide variety of applications, which can be found in all sections of Industry. We can advice and guide you on materials and manufacturing processes for your  rubber moulded diaphragms and have a wealth of experience in prototyping moulded diaphragms. These also include rubber moulded gaskets, Pump & Valve Diaphragms, rubber diaphragm seals, silicone gaskets, silicone gasket manufacture and much more. 

Diaphragms materials:

  • All Rubber
  • Fabric/Rubber
  • PTFE/Rubber
  • Metal inserts can be included if required

Applications include:

  • Pump Diaphragms
  • Pressure Relief Valve Diaphragms
  • Loud Speaker Diaphragms.