Silicone Rubber Mouldings

SILICONE RUBBER MOULDINGSWith 30 years of experience in silicone rubber mouldings, we are an industry leader in this area.

Silicone rubber is easily custom blended, therefore we can achieve specific customer requirements for silicone rubber mouldings. Here are some examples

  • High tear strength
  • High temperature grades up to 260 Deg C
  • Hardness range from 10 to 90 shore A
  • Availability of a wide range of colours
  • Food quality approvals
  • Drinking (potable ) water approvals
  • Conductive and antistatic grades
  • Metal detectable
  • Flame retardant
  • Excellent weathering and environmental resistance

silicone rubber mouldingsWhat is Silicone Rubber?

Silicone rubber is an inorganic polymer comprising of silicone and oxygen, which We can modify by adding various chemicals to improve performance. Adding fluorine to silicone rubber compounds will make it solvent-resistant; phenyl will improve low temperature flexibility and resists gamma radiation; and vinyl makes vulcanisation more effective.

Silicone Rubber moulded bellowsWhat is Silicone Rubber used for?

Silicone rubber is versatile and is widely used in the manufacture of medical instruments, gaskets and cookware. Silicone rubber mouldings are ideal for these types of products because it repels water and is excellent at forming a watertight seal.

As silicone rubber is versatile and stable, it is very resistant and can resist acids, bases, solvents, chemicals, oils and water. Techmould supplies silicone rubber gaskets nationwide to the Dairy, Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics and Medical industries to name just a few.

Properties of Silicon Rubber

Silicone rubber mouldings function well across a wide temperature range (–76°F to +570°F). Silicones rubber also has good resistance to ozone. This makes it ideal for outdoor use and is also a good insulator. However, silicone is low tensile. this makes it susceptible to tears and wear resistance. 

Products in our current range of silicone mouldings include those shown below: