Q. Do you only manufacture rubber mouldings?

A. We manufacture rubber mouldings as well as injection mouldings. Furthermore we mould a wide range of rubber materials as well as rubber to metal bonding.


Q. Do you provide a rubber moulding prototyping service.

A. Yes. We have a great deal of experience in prototyping moulded products. We have prototyped products for, among others, the automotive and aerospace industries.


Q. What industries and sectors are you involved with?

A. We have recently manufactured and prototyped rubber mouldings for the following industries: Electronics, Military Equipment Manufacturers, Catering Communications, Transportation Motor Trade,  Powder Coating Leisure, Conformal Coating, Paint Spraying, All branches of general engineering sectors.

Q. What materials do you manufacture rubber mouldings in?

A. We manufacture and prototype in: Natural Rubber, E.P.D.M., Neoprene, Nitrile, HNBR, Flurucarbon, Fluoroeplastimer, Viton™, Silicone, Flurosilicone.


Q. What plant do you currently have?

A. We manufacture using the latest Computer Controlled Vacuum Chamber Moulding Presses and have the more recent addition of injection moulding facilities. Our on-site Tool Room ensures a cost effective and efficient service removing the delays often encountered by companies who use off-site rubber moulding Toolmakers.


Q. Do you produce coloured rubber mouldings and coloured injection rubber mouldings?

A. We manufacture a very wide range of coloured rubber mouldings and coloured injection mouldings.


Q. Are you able to mass produce rubber moulded products?

A. We are able to manage manufacture of products from 10’s to 1000,000’s..

Q. What types of injection moulded products do you supply?

A. Moulded connectors, Cable strain relief mouldings, Connector Boots, Seals and Buttons for the electronics industry. Filter Seals, Sump Boots, Bellows, Wheel Tyres, Handles, Feet, Component Seals and Vibration Mounts for white goods. Grommets, Seals, Bushing, Gaskets, Body Plugs, Lamp Covers for the automotive industry. For the fluid delivery ans sealing products we manufacture pumps, Diaphragms, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals, Wipers, “O” Rings and Gaskets. For the food industry we supply diaphragms, valve seals, closure seals.


Q. Are you able to manufacture rubber to metal bonded products?

A. We can mould almost all rubber materials onto most metals including Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Brass. We currently manufacture this type of product following industries:- Food, Computer Manufacturing, Automotive, Valve, Packaging, Water & Sewage, Railway and General Engineering.