Rubber moulded bellows

rubber-moulded bellows

Rubber Moulded Bellows

We can offer bellows manufactured:-
Fully Moulded – Vulcanised Joined – Stitched Rubberised Fabric.

As all bellows are manufactured to meet individual applications if you advise your working conditions and sizes we will advise most suitable solution. 

We also specialise in low-volume moulded rubber bellows,  polyurethane bellows, rubber bellows prototyping, along with materials specification advice and manufacturing. 

Rubber moulded bellows materials

Full range available, specially compounded and coloured if required to meet the specific application.

CASE STUDY: Rubber moulded bellows for search lights on prison cameras

Francis serachlights

Surveillance camera components


Rubber bellows for surveillance cameras

The brief from Francis Searchlights was to produce a rubber moulded bellows to replace the existing dip moulded component that was breaking up in use. Techmould worked with the client to prototype the new bellows in a material more suitable for external use, that would have a far longer working life. once prototyped and tested we produced the final products in a batch of 1000 out of EPDM

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