Cast polyurethane products

Cast polyurethane suppliers

Cast polyurethane suppliers

Cast polyurethane suppliers Techmould are based in the UK. Techmould supply products that use cast urethane which is an elastomeric material that bridges the gap between highly extensible rubber elastomers and low-elongation rigid plastics.

Cast polyurethane suppliers Techmould

Cast urethane products, although light in weight, exhibit a functional toughness which can withstand industrial abuse that would break down most rubbers, plastics and even metals.

Key features of cast polyurethane products:

  • transparent or pigmented
  • excellent impact, abrasion, cut, and tear resistance
  • superb resilience with exceptional elastomeric memory
  • excellent load bearing capabilities & low compression set
  • hardness; 40A-70D
  • operating temperature; -30c/+120c
  • exceptional oil and solvent resistance
  • excellent ozone, oxidation and radiation resistance
  • good insulating properties inc.: sound, anti-vibration & non-conductive
  • design flexibility.