Rubber mouldings for the food industry

Rubber mouldings for the food industryRubber mouldings for the food industryTechmould have produced Rubber Mouldings For The Food Industry and prototyped large quantities of rubber mouldings for the food industry. We produce custom rubber moulded components for the food production industry as well as prototyping for smaller volumes.If you want prototypes for food production line components including rubber moulded masking tyres, moulded wheels, silicone rubber suckers made to your own specification or any other production line components, Techmould can advise you on the best rubber moulding materials and processes to prototype and manufacture your product.

Rubber Mouldings For The Food Industry

food production rubber mouldings

rubber moulded suckers

Rubber Moulded Tyres &Rubber Moulded Wheel Coverings. Produced bonded to metal parts or plain rubber. Supplied with tread patterns, pimples or plain finish. Soft touch or Solid Rubber. Materials available to give high or low friction levels. Rubber selection to suit the application. Used to transport a diverse range of products, including – currency, wood, glass, photographic film.

Rubber Mouldings For The Food Industry – Rubber Moulded Suckers

Our suckers are used to lift a diverse range of products, individually tailored to the application, including Eggs, Bakery Products, Paper, Cardboard, Glass and Steel.Suckers manufactured with or without Metal Inserts. Materials selected to suit the application.