Rubber diaphragms and valve seats

Rubber valve seats

rubber moulded diaphragms

Rubber Moulded diaphragms –  Diaphragms can be manufactured to suit a wide variety of applications, which can be found in all sections of Industry.

Rubber Moulded Valve Seats – Manufactured to effect a seal in numerous types of valve application. We have valve seats sealing such products as Ink, Water, Milk, Oil, Foodstuff, Chemicals. Solid Rubber or Rubber bonded to Metal parts.Please visit our section on Injection Moulding as Thermoplastic rubbers could provide a cost effective solution.

Rubber diaphragms and valve seats materials:

  • All Rubber
  • Fabric/Rubber
  • PTFE/Rubber
  • Metal inserts can be included if required.

Rubber diaphragms and valve seats applications include:

  • Pump Diaphragms
  • Pressure Relief Valve Diaphragms
  • Loud Speaker Diaphragms.